Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Stuffs in my Store!

Yea... i made another Kimono. I don't know what's the matter with me. I already made two. I think they are something i do to relax or something. But this one came out Beautiful. It has my signature obi on the jacket layer, making the belt figure flattering and moves easily with you no matter how you move. My kimono do Not require you to wear a geisha AO to look wonderful, but still attempts to be traditional in look.

And ... simply because... i made some geta to go with this or any other kimono you might have

And... in an attempt to make something totally different, i ended up making a lovely dance outfit. Its not what i set out to make, but this dance outfit took on a life of its own in the creation process. I spose it just wanted to be made! It came out rather great, and i learned several things in the making of it, which is always wonderful.

I hope you enjoy my creations and pop by my store in the lovely sim of Steelhead! Enjoy!

Oh! and there are some fantastic and exclusive free items in the fishies in the main store's main floor. A kimono for the guys that will go up for sale soon, (and it looks great on a girl too.) and an exclusive, elegant and spa robe with "towels" for the women.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

wow... a blog... here we go

i have been told i should blog. Blog is the new term for write, only to blog one must do so on the web. apparently if you write in a journal, that is not blogging, but give it a decade...or less. I bet blogging will be a common term for all kinds of writing. Seems that words do that a lot in the english language. The meanings get all blurry. s a wonder we understand each other at all really. But somehow we do, or think we do.
Anyways, im a chronic SLer, meaning i spend way way way too much time in Second Life than i should. As a result i guess ive gotten to know a mess of useless information and have opinions about things... like what clothes is crap and what is awsome...
First... Acedia Albion's stuff is total crap. OMG the chick wants 5 grand in lindens for an outfit that is no better in ANY way than anyone elses on the grid. I have been happier wif freebies than stuff from her place. Thank god men got me what i got from her. Sugar daddies are nice like that. But the woman cant lay a prim skirt to save her life...then gives it to you no your stuck with the pathetic overpriced waste of prims. I got a kimono from her and to this day i cant figure out what is so amazing that it cost over a grand. The obi was totally askew and too far from the back...the skirt was a mess... i simply remade all it looks great... Im sorry Acedia (no im not) but if you want 5 grand for your those icky messes you say are dresses ...they should at least fuck me when im bored. ...You know they make skirts that one can fuck in nowadays. Just need a friend... Make it happen Acedia! oh wait... s dont get naughty in sl...well...That avatar wif the bozo ponytails you use way to often to show off your stuffs, is so distractingly ugly i cant ever even see what shes wearing. If thats you, then i spose i can see why. Id rather see Ruth as a model that that weird excuse for a humanoid avatar.
She banned me from her sim. Neither she nor i know why. I can only guess that my opinion of her mess of a store got out and she cant take criticism... but hell ... that is one sim that has literally nothing to offer anyways. She says that Anna has to take care of admissions n stuff... so the girl dont even have managing rights to her own sim... so OK...i dont get her, and i dont need to. All i want to do is help folks out by telling them to please NOT spend your lindens there. I know its all pricey and therefor exclusive...but it really is exclusive garbage. You can find better stuff ANYWHERE else... like Digit Darkes.
Now Digit is a Designer. She does things that most folks wont notice, but make you look fantastic. Like put solid prims behind her alfa ones so that the alfas dont fight so much and look weird. (she does that wif her hair as well as her skirts. ) She has a fun sense of style and does Very Sexy Shoes. Her shoes are often my default shoes, cuz they go wif so much and are really really nicely made. She makes all her own textures always, and her dresses are anything but messes. Her skirts are often mod (her newer stuff is more often mod than her older stuff... im guessing this is a live and learn phenomenon on her part) They are neatly laid out and she often puts a twist in the prims . She is NOT spare wif her flexi prims either, making her skirts WAY fun to dance in. She is meticulous about her seams lining up and her prims are straight and plentiful. I have loved everything i have gotten from her. Some more than others, and later stuff is better than earlier stuff (as is to be expected) but its all worth it i think. If you like it, go ahead and get it. It will be the good stuff.